Overnight Tour In Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium, country known for its Beers, Waffles, Fried French Fries, delicious Mussels, Chocolates and Truffles. Since I’ll be in Europe for 2 years, how can I let this opportunity pass to travel and set foot in one of the World’s famous city, Brussels. Our first spot was the Atomium, the symbol of Europe’s Capital.

Atomium is a building constructed in 1958 for the Brussels World’s Fair. CNN called it the most bizarre building in Europe. Atomium has 9 spheres and 5 of them is open for the public. The first two is dedicated for EXPO58(world fair) exhibits while the other three are for temporary exhibits from different artists, engineers, architects, science exhibits or the community. Atomium is big with stairs to enter the spheres and also an elevator in the middle that can bring you to the upper sphere and the Panorama to see the spectacular beauty of Brussels 360 degrees. When you get hungry, they also have a restaurant in the top to serve you. Atomium is just right beside the Mini Europe. If you wish to visit both, you can actually purchase a combo-ticket and it will let you save some money.


So like what I always do, I went to Booking.com to check on available hotels around the area. I wanted our hotel to be just within the metro but then after a while I changed my mind and chose a place nearest to few tourists spots like Atomium and the Mini Europe. I booked in Hotel Centennaire instead of Hotel Motel 1. Changing my mind was a big mistake! (as for the hotel part). Ok, too bad I didn’t manage to take pictures but the hallway was too dirty like it wasn’t vacuumed for months. You can visibly see the dirt and dusts on the carpet. The room smells like a cheap perfume plus the bathroom was dirty. So we went and checked few other rooms thinking we weren’t just lucky on the first room but to my husband’s surprise, it was the same with the other ones. So, we couldn’t of course ask for a refund, instead we just walked away and looked for another hotel to stay. It was supposed to be my treat for my husband but it didn’t turn out well. Anyway, let me tell you about Brussels!

Night Life

Night life in Brussels is fun! Restaurants are still open even at night. You’ll find different restaurants in the streets and prices are okay, not too cheap or expensive. There are plenty of bars you can hang out with and the famous one would be Delirium which where we hang out. It was really cool!


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