Preparations Before My Destination

This is one of the most enjoyable part in the process before leaving the country, spending time with your family and friends, going to places that you like to go and lastly, shopping! Before I left Philippines I made sure that I travel and spend quality time with the people I would surely miss. We went to resorts, partied, attended special events like friends’ wedding and eat outs. I also had a Despedida party the day before I left for Germany.

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I left December so I knew it was going to be so cold so I went shopping for thick clothes, scarves and boots. I suggest that when you buy scarves, make sure its the knitted or crocheted since its much warmer than a regular sheet. I also got my boots from an “ukay ukay” since mostly leather boots are expensive or worth thousands of pesos. Suede or fake leather boots won’t really work on winter season. If you’re budget is tight, then go for an “ukay-ukay”, you’ll find imported, good quality and cheaper boots, just look for the not so used ones. lol! I packed few Filipino goodies. I bought few Filipino shirts, lambanog, and a few more. If you’re that busy person, you can always shop online too at Lazada, it’s very convenient.Lazada Philippines

Usually the weight for the checked in baggage would be up to 30kg but it still always depend on what airline you are taking. On my first trip, we booked in Air China and as far as I remember, I was allowed to check in 28kg but with Etihad, Lufthansa and PAL it was up to 30kg. Normally a 7kg for a hand carry. Air China was a good airplane in terms of comfort but I heard complaints about their services. Etihad, no wonder it became the World’s leading airline, the ambience is just comfortable and relaxing BUT going back to the Philippines after the stop in Dubai, the flight attendants in that trip were, in my opinion, unprofessional and I remember one incident where I was told that the Chicken in the menu was no longer available but why would they say that when I could see them distributing chicken? I insisted and I got mine too. They are too casual. Philippine Airlines may not have the newest gadget but I was really comfortable, attendants were professional and calm plus the service is just excellent. Lastly, Lufthansa, one of my favorite airlines in the world. Polite and professional attendants, ambience is comfortable and the service was amazing! I took the Airbus 380 which I heard is their newest airplane. It was very modern and stylish. I loved it!

Lazada Philippines


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